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From a young age, Ernest Warhurst was interested in the law and how it could be utilized to benefit society. Because of this, he went to law school to represent insurance policyholders in court. His first job was as a claims agent, dealing with thousands of claims across various departments. After years of hard work, he was promoted to Claims Supervisor and given oversight of tens of thousands of claims and millions of dollars.

He attended law school but changed sides in 1995 to advocate for policyholders instead of insurers. He assists clients with the claims procedure and works tirelessly to maximize their compensation with minimal effort.

Gene Warhurst, C.P.U., A.I.C., C.I.C., S.C.L.A., A.I.M., A.I.S., F.C.L.S., F.C.L.A., was inducted as a Fellow of the (C.L.M.). Over 35,000 claims and litigation experts from insurance companies, corporations, and law firms make up the C.L.M., a worldwide partnership.

Previously Filed Insurance Claims As a manager and adjuster for The Hartford Insurance Company, Warhurst was responsible for the investigation and settlement of an average of five new claims each day across all lines of insurance, including auto, residential property, and commercial business.

Manager, Property Claims, USE&G Insurance | 4 Years

Ernest Warhurst has worked as a property and casualty insurance claims representative for the past four years. He has dealt with all levels of staff, from claim representatives to department heads. He manages the entire claims process, from filing to processing, including big claims.


Over a decade in the insurance industry, Ernest has amassed fewer than eight distinctions, including the highly regarded CPU. Obtaining the CPU is the pinnacle of insurance business achievement, but studying for and passing the 8-part exam can take two to three years. An in-depth study of course materials is required to earn the other certifications. The following are among his many professional certifications:

Professional Title: "Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter"
Certificate of Achievement: Associate in Risk Management
Titles: A.I.S. for "Associate in Insurance Services," "A.I.C." for "Associate in Claims," "S.C.L.A." for "Senior Claims Law Associate," "F.C.L.A." for "Fraud Claims Law Associate," and "F.C.L.S." for "Fraud Claims Law Specialist"
Insurance Advisor Certified (C.I.C.)

Attorney Warhurst is a valued member of the LEGAL LEADERS team. Attorney Warhurst is dedicated to delivering excellent service to his clients, evidenced by his recognition as a 2015 TOP-RAWYERS, PERSONAL INJURY, and 2018 A.V. Preeminent Top Rated Lawyer by Martindale-Hubbell. His customers rave about him, and we agree.

When it comes to the law, John Warhurst Jr. is a formidable opponent. He is one of Alabama's "10 Best Attorneys" and a member of the Top American Lawyers. Because of his professionalism and dedication to his work, John is widely considered among the nation's top lawyers.

Mr. Ernest Eugene Warhurst established the Mobile, Alabama office of Warhurst & Buffalow, a personal injury law company. After serving in the U.S. Army and Navy, Ernie went to law school and is now considered one of the best personal injury lawyers in his area after working for more than three decades. Based on feedback from his satisfied clients, he was named one of A.I.O.P.I.A.'s "10 Best Attorneys" in personal injury law. Martindale-Hubbell also gave him their highest possible grade of A.V. for his professional ethics and ethics in practice. Ernie likes spending time with his family and playing golf when he isn't busy pursuing justice in court on his client's behalf.

As a American Society of Legal Advocates (A.S.L.A.) member, it's safe to say that attorney Gene Warhurst Jr. knows his stuff. He was named one of the Top 100 Litigation lawyers in Alabama. After careful consideration and evaluation by his peers, Gene has been invited to join the 2016 class of Lawyers of Distinction. Gene's wife and two kids are his top priority when he's not busy pursuing justice in the courtroom.


Prominent in his field, Ernest Warhurst Jr. has been recognized by his peers as a member of the Top American Lawyers and the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys. Because of his extensive knowledge of the law and his dedication to his clients, he has widespread acclaim among his colleagues. The Top American Lawyers membership committee praised his work and commitment to excellence in the legal area in 2016.

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